Mireille & Manny

, Sabor Latino Dance Company

Manny & Mireille really made a name for themselves in 2014 when they wowed the crowded with a fun, playful Bachata, Cumbia, Quebradita routine. Their performance catapulted them to instant popularity.  Founders of Sabor Latino Dance Co., the only team in the Bay Area that performs Bachata Cumbia and Quebradita. Mireille Ruiz has been dancing Cumbia, Banda, and Quebradita since she was a young girl.  Emmanuel Villarreal “Manny” started his dance career with Cumbia. In 2009 he started teaching Quinceaneras (Sweet 16).  His young, fun and enthusiastic way of teaching teenagers made him a very popular instructor in the Bay Area.  In 2017 he began Co-directing Alma Latina (Oakland).


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